MISSION: To foster cultural understanding through the enrichment and development of youth-related performing arts programs in the performing arts throughout Monterey County, California. 

S.T.A.R. Foundation of Monterey County (Support The Arts Regionally) was founded in 2009 to support youth-related theatrical arts throughout Monterey County. In the fall of 2013 it changed focus to include all youth-related performing arts.  Studies show that participation in, and expression through, the arts helps to develop a young person’s thinking skills and and social interactions. As the student’s awareness of his own identity and his environment are explored, his understanding of the world around him deepens. It is S.T.A.R. Foundation’s hope to better society by providing the stage whereby personal discovery can occur. Educational programs can be a vital vehicle for this growth. But, often times, the financial support for the continuity of these programs is either insufficient or not forthcoming. S.T.A.R. Foundation provides needed funding for the enrichment of theater programs currently existing in our schools and community theaters, and assists in developing new youth programs where there are none. It is the belief of the Board of Directors of S.T.A.R. Foundation that the power of self-discovery and identity is the key to cooperative societal interaction. Participation through positive multi-cultural performing arts programs is an important aspect in understanding all people and all ethnicities.


S.T.A.R. Foundation Grants

The S.T.A.R. Foundation of Monterey County supports youth-related performing arts activities in Monterey County. We provide support for programs operating under the umbrella of a non-profit organization. Our grants are designed to supplement existing programs by providing funding for capital technical expense (e.g., lighting, sound and musical equipment), augment instruction by providing guest artists/docents in acting, make-up, scenic, sound and lighting design, maintenance of musical instruments, and more. Please note that the foundation does not fund salaries, operating costs or office/publicity materials. We also will fund reimbursement of discounted or free tickets for students and their families for local productions.   The Board of Directors will entertain ideas and approve funding on a quarterly basis. There are no deadlines to apply. Board meetings take place normally in August/September, November/December, February/March and May/June. Please see “Guidelines for Grants” by clicking this link.  http://starfoundationmc.org/?p=981

The current submission  deadline has past. The Board will meet on September 15, 2015 to review all grant requests.  Look for updates regarding the next deadline for filing a grant application. Thank you.



Announcing Grant Recipients for September 2015


  • Sol Treasures, King City: $5000.00 for the new High School musical program
  • Monterey Jazz Festival: $6000.00 to be used for the Traveling Clinician Program
  • PacRep: $3225. for SoDA (School of Dramatic Arts) scholarships and tickets for community youth to attend performances.
  • Camerata Singers: $250.00 music for Futures (youth) and up to $2500.00 for tickets for youth to attend performances.
  • Occhiata Foundation:$10,000.00  In-School Presentation in preparation for Metropolitan Opera Cinema for 3000 plus students

Press Release June 2015

Press Release – June 2015 THE S.T.A.R. FOUNDATION OF MONTEREY COUNTY ANNOUNCES LATEST GRANTS and SCHOLARSHIPS Since its inception in 2009 the Foundation has distributed grants amounting to a total of over $775,000.00 The following groups have been awarded grants in May 2015: Youth Music Monterey: $5000.00 to fund ten (10) S.T.A.R. Foundation Scholarships of $500.00 each. Caminos del Arte, Salinas: $2750.00 to purchase or rent musical instruments for their annual Arts and Crafts Festival and Workshop Spector Dance: $5000.00 to subsidize ticket costs so that students may attend performances in King City and at Hartnell College, free of charge. Monterey High School: $10,000.00 to help purchase a new portable dance floor so that students can rehearse and perform safely. The following graduating high school Seniors from Monterey County have been chosen to receive a $1000.00 scholarship for each of their four years in school in college. Vanessa Aguilar, North Salinas High School Ian Clark, Salinas High School Symphonie Constant, Monte Vista Christian School Paul Davis, Trinity Christian High School Konrad Ehresman, North Monterey County High School Ireland McCartin, Monterey High School Claire Moorer, Carmel High School Jordyn Palma, Trinity Christian High School Cameron Poletti, Carmel High School Joshua Reeves, Trinity Christian High School Benefit Performances Paraphrase Productions (http://www.paraphrase-productions.com) will present performances of “Little Shop of Horrors” August 13,14,15,16 at Paper Wing Theater to benefit the S.T.A.R. Foundation. Please see their website for more information. New Board Members S.T.A.R. Foundation of Monterey County is also happy to welcome three new members to the Board of Trustees: Dennis Hunridge, Leslie Lancaster, and Susan Meister. They join remaining board members Eleanor Love, Stephanie Ottone, and Matthew Ottone. For more information go to starfoundationmc.org OR contact susanne@starfoundationmc.org Reg Huston, Founder and Executive Director , P.O. Box 2538 Salinas, CA 93902