Inaugural Recital Series Fundraising Event

Mezzo-soprano Susanne Mentzer performed in recital Friday, August 12, 2011 at Hidden Valley Music Seminars in Carmel Valley to launch the S.T.A.R. Foundation’s inaugural fundraiser in our 2011 S.T.A.R. Recital Series. Ms. Mentzer, with talented pianist Brian Connelly, enthralled an appreciative audience with vocal renderings of songs by Clara and Robert Schumann, Poulenc, Satie, Bolcom, Larsen and Cole Porter. As Lyn Bronson noted in Peninsula Reviews:

“Mentzer is a singer whose vocal and dramatic skills are on such a high artistic level that she can easily draw an audience into the emotions and feelings she is projecting, a skill she demonstrated over and over again during the evening. Her voice is capable of a wide variety of expression — from wildly dramatic climaxes to the hushed intensity of more intimate moments.” (Read the entire review here)

Susanne and Brian graciously greeted their Hidden Valley audience at a post-recital reception:

Inaugural Recital Series Fundraising Event, Susanne Mentzer

Jesse Huston, Reg Huston, Brian Connelly, Susanne Mentzer, Jessica Koplos and Mike Russell (photo courtesy Paul McCormack)

Marc Grossman and Susanne Mentzer

Marc Grossman and Susanne Mentzer (photo courtesy Paul McCormack)

Susanne returned on Saturday to conduct an entertaining and enlightening Master Class with three promising young singers: Meghan McGovern, Mary Whitaker and Justin Gaudoin. Ms. Mentzer was instructive, funny, supportive and generous as our singers presented their selections of opera arias and art songs, occasionally stopping them to suggest a slight change in coloration, pronunciation or posture.

Susanne Mentzer will return to the Hidden Valley Music Seminars Theater for a joint recital with noted Wagnerian soprano Linda Watson on Saturday, December 17, 2011. Mark this exciting musical event on your calendar now.


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