Announcing Scholarship Winners and Additional Grants May 2017

THE S.T.A.R. FOUNDATION OF MONTEREY COUNTY ANNOUNCES ADDITIONAL GRANTS AND PERFORMING ARTS SCHOLARSHIPS. To date the Foundation has granted $1,039,185.00 to youth-related performing arts programs and activities.
These additional groups have been awarded grants in the March granting cycle:
Dance Kids: $5000.00
YOSAL: $5000.00
Dual Language Academy of the Monterey Peninsula: $5000.00
The following High School Seniors have been chosen to receive the 2017 S.T.A.R. 
Performing Arts Scholarship Award:
The performing arts scholarship program started in 2012 and has supported thirty-five students to date with a total of  $65,000. not including this year’s recipients.
Natalia Chambers, Seaside (Monterey High School)
Apolinar DeJesus, Greenfield (Greenfield High School)
Madelyn Hendricks, Salinas (Anzar High School)
Claire Larson, Greenfield (Notre Dame High School)
Lizbeth Legapsi, Salinas (Salinas High School)
Mia Pak, Carmel Valley (N.Monterey County Center for Independent Study)
Claire Simmons, Pacific Grove (York School)
Camille Warner, Monterey (York School)
Delaney Watts, Monterey (Trinity Christian High School)
The program exists to help graduating Monterey County high school seniors pursue their interest in the performing arts beyond the secondary school setting. Scholarship awards are available for students having an interest in acting, musical theater, vocal and/or instrumental music, related technical skills, playwriting, performing arts management in a college or in an extracurricular program. Depending on available funds, students attending a two-year college will receive $500.00 each year. Students attending a four-year college will receive $1000.00 per year. For more information go to OR contact